Our Leaders

Saket Modi

Co-founder & CEO

Vidit Baxi

Co-founder & Partner

Rahul Tyagi

Co-founder | Lead, Training

Anuj Kapur

Chief Operating Officer

Nakul Khandelwal

Lead, Engineering SAFE

Vineet Singh

Lead, Customer Success

Pawan Chawla

CISO & Partner

Nimish Choudhary

Chief Finance Controller

Sonali Jain

Lead, Human Resources

Srivathsan Sridharan

Lead, Enterprise Business

Surbhi Sharma

Lead, Legal

Amit Mukherjee

Lead, Design

It’s Easy to Locate Us

Although we serve companies from across the globe, we are headquartered in India.


    Lucideus House,Plot no. 15,
    Okhla Phase III, New Delhi - 110020


    +91 11 2632-2632 /33

    +91 11 4053-4055



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